Unwavering professionalism, dependability, and safety

M Ted Transportation, a company built on dedication and practicality, sought to elevate their brand image while creating a user-friendly website that reflected their core values: unwavering professionalism, dependability, and safety. Our team collaborated closely with M Ted to develop a comprehensive branding and website strategy.
12 Week


A Brand Refresh and Website Devlopment for Success

Logo Design: We crafted a new logo that conveyed strength, reliability, and forward motion, aligning with M Ted’s commitment to excellence on every journey.
Brand Messaging: We developed a clear and concise brand message that emphasized M Ted’s dedication to professionalism, dependability, and safety. This message was woven throughout all branding materials, including the website.
Visual Identity: We established a consistent visual identity for M Ted, utilizing a color palette and design elements that reflected their brand values.
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Website Development:

Building a Brand Website for M Ted Transportation

User-Friendly Design: We designed a website that is easy to navigate and provides users with all the information they need about M Ted’s services.
Clear Communication: The website clearly communicates M Ted’s commitment to safety, showcasing their dedication to providing a reliable and positive experience for their customers.
Lead Generation: The website is designed to generate leads, with clear calls to action that encourage visitors to contact M Ted for a quote.
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The new branding and website have helped M Ted to:

Strengthen Brand Identity: M Ted now has a strong and consistent brand identity that sets them apart from their competitors.
Improve User Experience: The website provides an improved user experience, making it easier for potential customers to learn about M Ted’s services and contact the company.
Increase Lead Generation: The website has helped M Ted to generate more leads, resulting in increased business growth.